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An Off the Couch Audio Book: The Tower

An Off the Couch Audio Book, by Kelly Cordes My brother-in-law handed me a dusty copy of The Tower a few years back, before Kelly and I had ever met, and I remember greedily moving through the pages, and before I realized it, I had finished the book in less than 3 days. With the rich history, breathtaking landscape, and the universal story of truth and human nature, it quickly became one of my favorite mountaineering books. I only found out much later that the author was also an amazing human, and margarita Now Kelly is releasing audio sessions of the book, one release per day, and during this strange time when climbing is hard to come by, and there...

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allez: The Top 10 Essential Terms Every Climber Should Know

The Top 10 Essential Terms Every Climber Should Know  By Matt Samet Author of the Climbing Dictionary   Photo Credit: Chris Weidner In climbing, communication is everything. We need to know, at all times, what our partner is doing, whether she’s on the sharp end, up at an anchor getting ready to lower, or above us on a multi-pitch climb preparing to belay us up. Miscommunication can cause and certainly has caused accidents, including fatal ones, all preventable had there been a clear conversation about ropework and logistics on the ground, or had the climber and belayer been in better communication on the rock, including using concise, agreed-upon commands. The longer I’ve climbed, the more I’ve noticed drift from the tried-and-true...

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