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allez: Soramanego

By: Sonja Bjornsen Founder of allez outdoor As we tromped along the ridge overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park, like clockwork the afternoon rain started to fall, slowly at first, and then with a bit more conviction. I don't remember the last time I simply hiked in the rain with no real objective. But Kelly and I had started a short hike with Pup Face McGee, and as each drop tapped me on the head my heart sang at the sensation.  I watched as Pup Face enjoyed every smell, chased real and imaginary critters alike, and found endless things to chew. As we walked, our conversation turned to the idea of perfection.  In a culture that seems to increasingly cancel-out any good if...

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allez: Five ways to deal with a high-fear climbing day

“Feel the fear, do it anyway.” — Some non-climber, who was wrong We climbers are familiar with “high-gravity days,” when it feels like the earth is exerting extra pull and we climb so poorly it’s laughable, slipping off jugs and flailing on moves we should hike. Less acknowledged are the dreaded “high-fear days,” when the body is willing but the mind wants to have nothing to do with climbing, and so screams at the body to return to the earth. Sometimes it’s because we’re stressed about life stuff or slept poorly or are rusty after a prolonged winter in the gym, and sometimes the fear just comes on at random. Rarely do these high-fear days have anything to do with...

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