a day in the elements can be brutal or blissful

our formulas help you stay present in those wild spaces you love - with naturally powerful ingredients that cleanse, protect, and recover including: CBD from isolate - Arnica - Radish Root - Aloe - Chaparral - Willow Bark - Algea - Shea Butter - Astaxanthin


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buy one allez hydrating lip balm and get one when you use the CODE: PROTECTTHATYAP

functional skincare regimen

our effective custom formulations help tired, dry, cracked, over-worked skin, repair gobies & cracks, reduce inflammation, or gently cleanse.


pinky swear

we never test on animals, only climbers. we stand with her. made locally with friends who strive to do less harm, and avoid the bullshit


Feelings of Independence

This year on Independence Day, I feel particular gratitude for the strong, complex, and brave women whose journeys, traumas, and resilience have filled me with love and hope. They, as...

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allez: Soramanego

By: Sonja Bjornsen Founder of allez outdoor As we tromped along the ridge overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park, like clockwork the afternoon rain started to fall, slowly at first, and...

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repair and recover

Salves Everything

cleanse and refresh

from nose to toes, while miles away from a shower

Cleansing Cloths

made by climbers

for those who live in the elements

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rugged packaging

designed to take a beating

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"Living on the road full time means not always having access to a proper shower... While rivers and swimming holes are great in the summer time, the wipes from Allez Outdoor has been amazing for cleaning up after a long day in the field or climbing. They are larger than your standard baby wipe so you can do the job with only one wipe, and I love the subtle essential oil aroma. Start with your face and end with yo' stinky toes!"