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the desert series


allez: Soramanego

By: Sonja Bjornsen Founder of allez outdoor As we tromped along the ridge overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park, like clockwork the afternoon rain started to fall, slowly at first, and...

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"Allez Outdoor Limited Edition Upcycled Chalk Bag Generously sized so it can hold enough chalk to cover thousands of feet in a day without needing a refill, the Upcycled Chalk Bag is durable, fashionable, and comes with a large zippered pocket for keys or energy gels. Additional items from Allez include alpaca and merino wool beanies, biodegradable cleansing cloths and repair and recovery salves, with or without CBD." - Chris Van Leuven

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"Featuring the same calming scent of Cactus Bloom and Chaparral, these hand salves have a pleasant, natural smell that is distinct but not obtrusive. Since both salves come in screw-on-top tins that are easy to bring along as a crag accessory, a good smell that won’t distract is important—I now carry the non-CBD version in my climbing bag, and because of the pleasant smell feel assured that I’m not taking away from my neighbor’s experience when I apply it at a busy crag." - Hannah Gartner

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"These dirt-devouring, all-natural towelettes—free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates—fill the void for sustainable, premium skincare products geared toward outdoor living. The subtle cactus bloom and chaparral scent pairs well with any backcountry setting, and the single-use sachets retain the moisture in each cloth, meaning you will never face the disappointment of trying to get clean with a desiccated wipe. Plus, the give-back component is substantial: The 2019 contributions will support 250 climbing area stewardship projects in crags across the country. " - Elizabeth Marglin 


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"Living on the road full time means not always having access to a proper shower... While rivers and swimming holes are great in the summer time, the wipes from Allez Outdoor has been amazing for cleaning up after a long day in the field or climbing. They are larger than your standard baby wipe so you can do the job with only one wipe, and I love the subtle essential oil aroma. Start with your face and end with yo' stinky toes!"