Our Story

We were drawn together while seeking a life uncommon, a life filled with passion, and a thirst for the outdoors. Our products are cultivated to be simple, transparent, and to ensure we feel our best – even when we’re miles away from the nearest shower. We made these products for us, and since “us” isn't male or female, they’re comprised of rich scents and universal qualities.

Our thoughtfully combined ingredients help repair gobied hands following days on end of desert crack climbing, cleanse the dirt after romping around the local gym, and protect your radiant smile while skinning up a ridge in search of that perfect line.

Since complicated is only good when describing wine, we simplified, making our items serve more than one purpose. Even the packaging is dialed: rugged, functional, and eco. Our products are made in the USA, are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable wherever possible. And because public lands matter – to our health, to our happiness, to our appreciation of nature’s magnificence – we donate a portion of every purchase to the protection of our shared spaces.

We are stoked on where we are today, but more stoked about where the path will lead.