Monday by Mateo: Tramway

The desert around Palm Springs, California does not scream “climbing”—it’s flat, hot, hot, hot, and flat. But hard above town rear the San Jacinto Mountains, an alpine wonderland of pine trees and granite blocks. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramways take you from the desert floor at 2,600 feet to a mountaintop at 8,500 feet. It can be 110 degrees when you embark and 70 degrees when you debark. The Tramway bouldering is a maze of white and grey jumbled blocks, coated in eye-catching green and black lichen. It’s easy to get turned around here, especially if you stay late for some night bouldering, so be sure to leave a trail of breadcrumbs or at least chalk so you can find your way back to the tram station. 📸 by the talented @naytonrosales

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